Heroes Manga Monday - 8/14/17

August 14, 2017

Hello manga fans,

I am AJ aka Heroesbd and today will be the first of my many manga recommendations (#heroesmangamonday). I have been reading manga for quite a long time now, about 5 years. That was about the time I really got into anime, watching it on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

 For the first #heroesmangamonday, I am going to have to recommend checking out one you might know already, "Knight's & Magic". Recently this series has been on fire, and you can see why once you start reading.

The story starts off introducing us with the main male protagonist. We learn that he is a computer programmer and loves mecha and robots; totally a mecha otaku. He has always had the dream of piloting the mechas he loves so much. Then on one fateful day, he gets struck by a vehicle and dies. I call it fateful, because he gets a second chance at life in this new world. Once born, he gains the name Ernesti Echevalier or "Eru" for short. As he grows up in this new world, he learns that his programming knowledge puts him way above the average person in the use of magic. One day with his father, they spot this gigantic robot. He is awestruck and asks his father about them. He learns that they are called Silhouette Knights, and if he works hard he could pilot one someday in the future. This story follows Eru as he gains power and knowledge of this new world and how his programming knowledge propels him to piloting his own Silhouette Knight. 

This is a great story and really reels you in with the passion Eru has for the Silhouette Knights. This is also a story on how his relationship with his friends progress. You will love this story, and I found it fitting as my first recommendation. Also the anime is running concurrently with the first season of the anime. You can start reading at Crunchyroll here. Click here to watch the anime at either Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Let me know what you think about this series and look forward to more #heroesmangamonday.

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