Heroes Manga Monday - 8/28/17

August 28, 2017

Hello manga fans,

Here's to another #heroesmangamonday. This next recommendation is one that I've been reading even before the anime has ever been produced and is still ongoing today, "Freezing". While there is an anime to this series, it just not give the manga the justice it deserves. It's true job, I believe, is to get you to read the manga. The manga fleshes out the story and gives reason to what the hell is going on in this world.

First off, this story takes place in a futuristic Earth where beings called "Novas" are attacking mankind. These entities are from another dimension, and mankind has no idea why they are attacking. Pandoras are thus created to fend off these threats to humanity. Pandoras are strictly female and have male partners called Limiters. None of this would be possible without the help of Gengo Aoi, the grandfather of our main male protagonist. This male protagonist is Kazuya Aoi. In the start of the series, Kazuya enrolls in West Genetics. West Genetics is a military high school that trains Pandoras and Limiters to fight the Nova. As we follow Kazuya on his tour, we learn of the "Untouchable Queen". This "Untouchable Queen" is known as Satellizer el Bridget, one of the strongest Pandoras at West Genetics. She gained this nickname through the fact that she despises being touched and will punish those that do. She is known to be cold and ruthless. During this tour, Kazuya catches a glimpse of Satellizer and is overcome with emotion and goes to hug her and pins her down during a training exercise. Everyone is awestruck by this predicament and thinks Kazuya is going to regret what he has done. Needless to say, Kazuya's sudden actions has caused Satellizer to lose the training exercise. Kazuya wants to respectfully apologize, and we come to find that Satellizer is not exactly repulsed by Kazuya's touch. This in turn starts a whirlwind of a love story wrought with character progression, mature themes and tradgedy.

I personally love the relationship development between Kazuya and Satellizer. It's so clumsy and awkward, but you can truly tell that they care for one another. If you love ecchi content, romance, and want to watch mankind battle aliens to the death, this is the story for you. 

Right now, you can watch two seasons worth of the anime at Funimation. You can find the manga at If you truly want to experience the story at its finest, read the manga. You can find the manga at Amazon.

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