Love Me Not Grayscale Grip Tape


Love Me Not

Unrequited love makes you wonder, "Am I fit for love? Will I find my special someone? or Will I always be alone?"

Have you ever felt this way? Well, know now that you are not alone as we are all searching for that special someone to share our lives with. 

나는 당신의 사랑에 합당하지 않습니까?

naneun dangsin-ui salang-e habdanghaji anhseubnikka?

Illustration ©2020 11.10ml

Our custom grip tape is printed on Jessup. 

This is a pre-order product, the item purchased will first have to undergo production, before shipment. This can take around a month. Time of production can increase though due to the pandemic causing shortages within the skateboarding industry.

If you have any questions about your order, you can email us at

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