CDS Studios Posters


Various Posters from the CDS Studios team.

Here are the prints that we've handed over to you. All the artworks are done by our artist, Usanekorin
Featuring Akagi and Kaga from Kancolle. The ships that these ladies are based on sank during the Battle of Midway during WW2. This is the depiction of that scene with the anime characters.
Featuring Saber Alter and Jeanne Alter from Fate Grand Order. Both are popular 'alter/dark' versions of the original characters.
Kaori and Arima from the hit weeper series, Your Lie in April. The true fans will recognize it! Apparently, most other artists don't sell fanart prints of that series. 
From 'Your Name'. Also one of our most popular fanart prints. 
From Azur Lane, the OTHER mobile game that features ship girls. 

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