Heroes by Design is a brand of originality and promoting the unique talents of all our artists. You will never see our merch anywhere else!

The reason for creating this brand is because I've always felt that there needed to be a place for all the otakus, gamers and geeks to be able shop in harmony. I know there is Hot Topic, Spencer's and the like that does this to an extent, but there seems to be something missing. They are missing the original ideas only Heroes by Design can make available.

The inspiration for this brand comes from our love for reading comics, watching anime and playing video games. I have loved these activities for as long as I can remember. There would not be a day that I did not watch my favorite characters conquering evil and spending countless hours trying to beat a brutally unforgiving boss. I'm sure we all have many fond memories of these childhood companions.
With this brand, we plan to bring entertainment to you amazing people and to create the most awesome merch in the world. We love to create, and love what we create. I want to share this love with you and thus created "Heroes by Design".

Hero to the GeekSide!
- AJ aka Heroes by Design