Heroes by Design - Sponsors

Want to Support and Sponsor Heroes by Design?

Anyone can support and become a Sponsor of Heroes by Design.  This can be a company wanting extra exposure or even a person sitting at home.  To become a Sponsor, you will have to donate a minimum of $5 to Heroes by Design's PayPal account.


Benefits and Rules

  • "This is not a charitable donation and is not tax deductible".  All proceeds will be used for attending conventions and/or developing new products.
  • A Sponsor will be given the chance to win a free Heroes by Design shirt of their choice.  Every five dollars donated will give you another chance at winning.  For instance, let's say there are 50 names in a jar to be picked, and you gave $15.  Three of those names will be yours, so you will have a 3/50 chance at winning a free shirt.
  • All Sponsors will be listed on our Sponsor page and given recognition for the amount of the money given.  A top five list will be created for the top sponsors of the month and year.  These names will be listed on a banner for whatever convention I attend.
  • If sponsor wishes to send in a logo for their recognition, email me at sponsorship@heroes-by-design.com
  • After every month, the names of the Sponsors will reset for the drawing.  All Sponsors will then be archived on a new page for the month and year having sponsored Heroes by Design.
  • I repeat, "This is not a charitable donation and is not tax deductible."

If there are any questions about sponsoring Heroes by Design, email me at sponsorship@heroes-by-design.com