Duality Grip Tape

Production Time

Duality is here and present everywhere and in everything. Good/Evil Hero/Villain White/Black Light/Dark Joy/Sadness Love/Hate and much more. So where does it all meet? You.

Illustration © 2018, c.c.R.

Our custom grip tape is relatively close to Jessup. 

This is a pre-order product, the item purchased will first have to undergo production, before shipment.


Production Times

3 month -

  • Pick this option if you are willing to wait for around 3 months

Rush -

  • Pick this option if you only wait to wait for around 1 month

Super Rush -

  • Pick this option if you only want to wait for around a couple of weeks


If you have any questions about your order please email us at contact@heroes-by-design.com

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