Speed Queen Grip Tape

Production Time

In a flash, it is already too late to get a glimpse of her. A rocket? A speeding bullet? No. She is called the "Speed Queen". Her unfathomable speed is matched by only her beauty. Try as you may. Try as you might. You begin to realize that you may never catch up to her. Until one day...

Illustration © 2017, Sangrde

Our custom grip tape is relatively close to Jessup. 

This is a pre-order product, the item purchased will first have to undergo production, before shipment.


Production Times

3 month -

  • Pick this option if you are willing to wait for around 3 months

Rush -

  • Pick this option if you only wait to wait for around 1 month

Super Rush -

  • Pick this option if you only want to wait for around a couple of weeks


If you have any questions about your order please email us at contact@heroes-by-design.com

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